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JJ Brania-Hopp

JJ Brania-Hopp, senior
Communications Committee
Major/minor: Communications

Why did you join Ichabods Moving Forward?
I joined Ichabods Moving Forward because I wanted to leave a legacy that would help students prosper through any financial struggles that life may bring unexpectantly. During my first two years at Washburn, there were many situations where an emergency fund could have made a huge impact on my life. Moving forward I want to help future students not feel as much pressure.


Kelli Forrest

Kelli Forrest, senior
Development Committee
Major/minor: Respiratory therapy/bachelor’s in health administration with a minor in communications

Why did you join Ichabods Moving Forward?
I am interested in the philanthropic student organization because I want more students to stay at Washburn also to help students that are struggling financially.


Sydney Fox

Sydney Fox, junior
Events Committee
Major/minor: Communications

Why did you join Ichabods Moving Forward?
I like to give back to the community that supports me in the things that I do. Coming to Washburn, I knew that I wanted to be involved in student organizations, but I did not necessarily know which ones. I have found that the student organizations that I enjoy the most are the ones that allow me to work with a variety of students and give back to the campus community that is giving me the chance to grow as a student leader.


Reed Harp

Reed Harp, senior
Development Committee
Major/minor: Finance and accounting

Why did you join Ichabods Moving Forward?
Throughout mXy life I have always looked for ways to give back by connecting with others in the community, and volunteering for the betterment of others. This has always been a passion of mine to help others and I believe that this is a great opportunity to do so.


Paul Mismarque

Paul Mismaque, junior
Communications Committee
Major/minor: Double major in marketing and economics with a double minor in communications and public relations.

Why did you join Ichabods Moving Forward?
Often being in college means getting an education that would help towards your future life goals but for me it is much more than that having the chance to volunteer, get to know the people that you would not know if you stayed in your comfort zone. Helping people can be beneficial to you as a Human being, it can better your horizon and you would get to see the world with a new lens.


Becca Nyman

Becca Nyman, sophomore
Events Committee
Major/minor: Public administration with a certificate of nonprofit management, and a minor in leadership

Why did you join Ichabods Moving Forward?
I wanted to join Ichabod's moving forward because I thought it was a good was to reach out to Washburn’s students and a great way to give back to my community. Washburn is a home for me and I want other students to feel like this can be a home for them too. To do that we have to support each other, bring a part of this organization allows me to do this. It also allows me to share my passion for Washburn the other students and the community.


Colin Truhe

Colin Truhe, senior
Communications Committee
Major/minor: Mass media and communication studies/leadership studies minor

Why did you join Ichabods Moving Forward?
Giving back to others is something that I enjoyed doing. I have always been someone who volunteers their time with different organizations. Due to my passion for volunteering and giving back I stressed the importance of philanthropy.


Makayla Vargo

Makayla Vargo, senior
Development Committee
Major/minor: Exercise physiology

Why did you join Ichabods Moving Forward?
With starting a philanthropic organization, we can help give back to our students but also to our community. We don’t have an organization like this yet on campus which is another reason why I would like to be a part of this group.



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If you have questions about Ichabods Moving Forward, contact us at ichabodsmovingforward@wualumni.org or 785.670.2751.

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