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In the Fast Lane

Washburn education led School of Law alumnus to career with Uber

Craig Hulse speaking at Washburn Law

From The Ichabod - Winter 2018

Craig Hulse, jd ’15, wanted to attend law school in a capital city where he aspired to rub elbows with lawmakers and get firsthand experience in the legal side of lawmaking. The University of Nevada graduate’s ambitions led him to Washburn Law, the school that best fit the bill.

Hulse’s education prepared him for a career in an industry running a parallel course to his interests. By the time he graduated, a little-known transportation company would grow to become a global contender in need of exactly the brand of legal talent Hulse now possessed.

Hulse is the public affairs manager for Uber Technologies, Inc., representing the company’s legal interests for more than two years. His law degree was a key factor in landing the high-profile position.

“I had a lot of great professors who not only had good contacts within the legislature, but also understood how their classes could help me to achieve my goals,” said Hulse. “That was a huge contribution to my career.”

He was driven to immerse himself in the field of government law, and a Washburn education helped pave the way. Those goals were realized with a career at Uber.

“There is no average day at Uber,” said Hulse, who represents the company to elected officials and public bodies. “One day could be a legislative hearing, a meeting with a public transit agency, working with local lobbyists or reading through a study of the positive impact Uber has had in a community.”

Founded in 2009, Uber pioneered app-based transportation services and expanded into territories never before attempted, earning it both awe and ire from the public, its contractors and government regulators. Hulse believes pushback against the company is par for the course with any industry shakeup.

“[Uber] is changing the way people move all over the world and connecting people to things they never had access to before,” said Hulse. “Any time innovation faces traditional hurdles, there’s going to be friction.”

Hulse believes the company improves lives. A high school math teacher and Uber driver shared a story with Hulse recently he cites as evidence of Uber’s positive impact.

“He married the woman of his dreams, but couldn’t afford to give her the vacation she deserved. He drove a couple months for Uber, and was able to take her to Cabo for their 10-year anniversary,” said Hulse.

Hulse lives in Denver with the “best wife and best dog in the world." He met Lauren (Tevis) Hulse, jd ’12, at Washburn, a fact that makes the school’s impact on his life even more felt.

Uber’s frequent legal run-ins keep Hulse on his toes, but he’s perfectly suited to life in the Uber fast lane.

“In a profession where you’re asking the law to change, defending current laws or looking for ways to update stale statutes, what I learned at law school helps me daily. [Washburn Law] expanded my expertise and armed me with useful tools as a professional,” said Hulse.

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