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Washburn License Plate

Display your Ichabod pride by purchasing an official Washburn Ichabods license plate for your vehicle. All of the proceeds from license plate purchases benefit the Alumni Association Scholarship fund.

Purchase a Washburn license plate by filling out this form.

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About the Ichabods license plates

  • Cost: Obtaining or renewing a Washburn license plate usually requires a $50 annual contribution per plate, but the Alumni Association gives you the option of making the annual payment. It is not required every year.
  • You can still make the annual payment if you would like to make the payment and contribute to our scholarship fund. Consult your tax preparer to see if donations are tax deductible.
  • You purchase the plate from the county and pay a one-time personalized plate fee of $45.50 to the county treasurer’s office, plus all applicable annual registration fees, county service fees and vehicle personal property tax.
  • Who can purchase a plate: Anyone with a car or truck registered in Kansas. The vehicle weight limit is 20,000 pounds.
  • Renewing your plate: About two months before your tag expires, the Alumni Association will send you a renewal notice. Return it and we’ll mail you a certification form to present to your county treasurer’s office for renewal. Note: To avoid additional fees at the treasurer's office, you can fill out this form for renewal.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I personalize my plate or pick a specific number?: No. The state does not allow personalization of educational license plates.
  • Are plates available for motorcycles?: No.
  • Are handicapped plates available?: No, educational license plates are not available with the wheelchair logo. Handicapped persons purchasing plates will need to secure a handicap placard to hang from their rear view mirror.
  • If I just renewed my plate, when can I use my Washburn plate?: It doesn’t make a difference when you renewed the plate. You can exchange your certification form for your plate at any time.

Ichabod showing his Washburn pride with a Washburn license plate

Ichbod rides in style! Do you?

Get your Washburn license plate!


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